Michael Vitaly

theatre maker, writer, artist

Month: June, 2012

Stop and smell the roses


Everyday this little rose
Stretches for the morning sun.
And soon to come when no one knows
These petals dry and start to fall
One by heavy little one.
Take heed in this life.
Give and shine and grow until
All the songs you want to dance have come,
And perchance you sat some out
Or if perchance you sit too early
Know the faces in your mind
That broke with everlasting rhyme
Those men and women even strangers
Coming going in your life
How many smiles did you encounter
How much happiness did you give?

lines on passing Arlington Cemetery

The tip of the iceberg
In dashes and lines
The bodies lie waiting
In the thick of the lime.
Six feet or so
Bathed in some moonlight
And hanging like stars
On an alabaster sea.