theatre maker, performer, teaching artist

I create documentary style theater with a social impact.  Utilizing movement, music & words to tell a story where each discipline can take the reins of storytelling, along with immersive theatre techniques, I hope to bring an audience closer to a story by curating a cross-pollination of performance techniques within a theatrical experience, where they can then come together in a new way to cross thresholds of understanding.  I try to shine a light on stories that are not often told, or sometimes misunderstood.

photo by EMMA MeadPhoto by Emma Mead

Socially Engaged Art:
The Artist’s Responsibility

Ever since I was a little kid I loved finding out how things worked. Whether through observation and deduction or trial and error, I was a curious learner, and that curiosity enriched my life.  It made me the person I am today.

Today I still enjoy seeing how things work, especially on a social level.  While my curiosity thrives in conversation, collaborative fieldwork, source-material research, and devised work, my wonder lies in the human body and how we take in moments of quotidian learning, and how we make room for the space that trauma demands.  I believe in social practice, experiential learning, and radical kindness to get us closer to ourselves and, ultimately, each other.

And although Theatre can be an ephemeral artistic avenue, I enjoy the challenge of shining light on certain stories in order to forge a collective memory, and a communal experience — hopefully yielding a greater empathetic understanding of that transcendental truth in the process.  I believe there is a larger domain at play in the context of intimate art making within a community, and every artist has a responsibility as a citizen to practice art through the paradigm of education, beneficence, and justice.

(Photo 1, Allison Hilario, Rusty Riegelman, David Buffam, MVS.
Photos 2-9: Jennifer Delac, John Ramsey, Rusty Riegelman, JM Tolani.
Photography by Sam Nichols
 Michael Vitaly Sazonov ©2021