Notes From the Underground III: Basal Ganglia

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I was 1 in 6 choreographers selected to share work in process at this event presented at the Mark Morris Dance Center entitled SharedSpace:

SharedSpace – Showing – June2

I’ve been working together with the Dance for PD community for four years now, and I’ve been dreaming up this show for about a year and a half! I have worked together with artists, playwrights, composers, poets, and friends from the Brooklyn Parkinson Group on sharing their story.  I wanted to explore what it is to live with Parkinson’s Disease, to shine a light on this disease that touches so many, and yet still remains misunderstood.

The performance on the 2nd isn’t the entire show, it’s a nice snippet of it: the prelude and part of the first section.  It will showcase some of my choreography as well as a song I wrote (after a poem by James Kavanaugh) and two scenes written by Joel Shatzky.

In a nutshell, the presentation shows us a morning between partners, a dream sequence involving a flashback on how they became lovers; and the present, waking up from a nightmare and sharing support with said partner. It’s an exploration on what happens when a relationship paradigm shifts and one person becomes a caretaker as well a partner. I ask the question: What are the eternal things that can bind people together, and how do we cling to those roots when the storms of life bare down. The dance styles range from modern, balletic, and poetically pedestrian influences.

Featuring the artistry of:
Jennifer Delac, John Ramsey, Rusty Riegelman, JM Tolani

Piano Arrangements by: Chris Alexander
Music, Guitar, Vocals by: Michael Sazonov 

all photography by Sam Nichols