Talking on the phone

by @michaelvitaly

Talking on the phone
is like trying to open a door with a frisbee.
you wanna get through to someone,
come across to somebody,
but you just don’t have the right tools.
you can’t even see the person you’re talking to!

talk!  face to face.


talking on the phone
is like that first walk around the block
with the doggie in the morning,
everything hits so hard and so fast
boom, you’re there,
new york is you and you are new york.
talk that hard and that fast.

talk! to me.


talking on the phone
is like getting mustard instead of ice cream.
it’s just not as good without your face
in front of me.  without you.
talking on the phone
is something we don’t hardly do anymore.


The funny thing is,

i talk all day.