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Here’s to you

Dark is the night that falls around me as shoes new in borrowed time walk the streets in search of rhyme. Feet that take me further than my heart dares to go, leave me stay till this storm passes. Spitting lightly, spraying soft. Far from tracks and grinding metal, save the fears inside my head, again I call to lands of wisdom as to crimes in the heat of nightless passion. Take off my weary head and smilest at me from the mount, cover my heart with ashes and dirt, and call not my name again. Wash it all with midnight rain. Before the summer there is spring and winter too must end ‘fore that, but near this time we fell in love and so I wonder all again. I’ve done this once before so I know what’s all around the bend. New water does pass over scattered stones though and moss nearby gathers like electromagnetic dust gaining in the sands of time. Mountains are formed when we fall in love.

Peaks so high and clear the skies are right that nothing sweeter does exist. And valleys too so deep and hard that all the woes make up a list.. Like songs to sing or things to do. Last night’s regrets or tomorrow’s excitement. It’s all within the grasp of love. It’s all without blame or madness. It’s simply all that binds and breaks the world, love and life as they coexist.

I called your name when in no blame the fire did within me burn, I called to you in search of truth and in my chest did you warm me so. Your hand against my stomach, our fingers intertwined. Where does time go when matter moves all around. And things that matter most don’t move at all but do breathe lightly like pitter-patter morse code on a sleek and windy night. Like the pulse inside me racing for simple thoughts of you.

Locked inside this terrible sadness lies a grinning tender boy at the thought of recess on the hill when you’d be running with your friends. Up there on the hill beneath breathing oak trees lined with humid streaming white hot sun. Afternoon delight. Seeing you in night. After all it’s true, what am I to do? When I can’t see you every night. Chalk it up to things don’t work? Or fight against the kid that picks on me first. Around the brick wall, we fought. All of three minutes. I’m not sure I punched anything. But we both were red with exhaustion. Breathing hard you barely noticed my childish display of chivalrous valor. Boys will be men and men will be boys.

But climbing mountains and slaying dragons are far from what I do. Canyons be glass windows and rivers be paved black tar. Amongst the trees neatly planted I still could see God’s true design. You simple here as true waiting for my hand your cue, and together we would have walked throughout the years together. Until we reached green pastures and buildings were only homes, when all the people became stalks of singing grass and nothing would scrape the sky but blue.

Here’s to that for there is no end to these rhymes and lines so easy. I cheers to you who never drinks and call to you beyond methinks what is a reasonable doubt. I should stop these worried thoughts but they don’t worry me anymore. For they are my friends and bedfellows, together we will be. If not you and me forever. Then just memories and thoughts will do, and what will be will be.



Theatre Maker. Teaching Artist. Student of Life. Poet from way back.

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