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Lines on seeing the first leaves of the Gingko

Gingko standing tall in the heat of the morning light,

premonitions falling ‘round when you meet the thing that’s right.

And the thing that feels so good is different than what you should,

or what you would, or what you could if the timing were only good.

The thing that calls you forth from moments of blasé,

demigod-like struggles between you and what they say

is worth pursuing when it could be your undoing,

what you feel inside your heart that never quite backs down,

from the passion that you seek, when you’re measured pound for pound.

For when your soul is tested and you feel like giving in,

there’s the little voice inside you that will always wanna win.

The voice that doesn’t even know, how to drive or how to thrive, but the voice when given purpose is what makes you most alive.

So take care of curiosity, and your sense of play,

do not lose your sense of wonder, and don’t listen to what they say.

Reach out to those who love you, and you better love them back,

we all need one another and that’s a secret fact.

So as these darling buds appear to pop and buzz and flutter,

let their resilience meet our own brilliance,

and let our hearts join together to help out one another.

May this Springtime bring us new rhymes,

as we first climb,

to the top of our own mountains.

Let us see the cordillera, la cadena en la frontera,

as we raise our own bandera, and dance in our own manera,

but never losing sight, of the loneliness of night,

when there’s no one left to turn to, and you don’t know what to do,

when there’s trouble on your mind, or the mounting stress of time,

when there’s peace you cannot find, and you’re anything but fine.

Dig deep and stand tall, don’t forget to write and call,

the friends you have collected in times of happiness,

are ones that become tested when your life becomes a mess.

Look inside and ask yourself, “Am I a light for someone else?”

Who do others turn to when they need a helping hand?

Can they even turn to me when their push turns to demand?

So as this morning sight takes a hold of my delight,

my prayers are with those whose world is full of fright.

May they know the blood inside them is not one to run and hide when

there’s a hitch in the plan or a fork in the road,

may we all learn to rest, in the peak of all the stress,

and preserve under duress, live to love and measure less.

May we see these ancient trees and worry a little less,

to know nature all around us knows the key to happiness.

Build roots and stay strong, live life and stretch long,

keep the flow of dance and song inside, it’s not wrong.

Keep playing and take the time to enjoy all the climb,

because you aren’t the only mountain on this stretch of borrowed time.

Shine when you can, in truth and happy wonder,

and look outside yourself when you feel that life’s a blunder,

not to point the blame at others,

but to think if I had my druthers,

I would have it this way and that way, and not any other.

Keep the hope alive, for a Spring when you can thrive,

keep the hope alive, for a Spring when you can thrive.

Keep the hope alive, for a Spring where you will thrive,

keep the hope alive, for a Spring where you will thrive.


Theatre Maker. Teaching Artist. Student of Life. Poet from way back.