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Poem for the Quarantined

Even as the sun with hot colored face
Beams heavy down on trees and building tops,
I only can feel a refractive trace
From earthen bricks with bright metal glass pops,
While thoughts wielding wildly across divides
Shake me to the core in a fear that tides.

People ’cross the world on the internet
Feeding fear’s fuel are fanning the fire,
While also stockpiling and hedging bets
Against each other and what’s to transpire,
When all we need to ensure existence
Is perhaps a little social distance.

The things we have that haven’t been cancelled,
Like conversations through technology,
Could be refreshing and new, a handselled
Awaiting the wave of virology,
‘Til when the curve of infection flattens
And it’s safe to go out in Manhattan.

So pump up the jams on your favorite tunes
And dance around in your kitchen tonight.
Love isn’t cancelled on screen to screen croons.
Your heart can beat through the wickedest fright.
Take care of yourselves and of each other,
Old or young, neighbors, like one another.

Precedence predicts the ups and the downs
While some things will remain a mystery,
But when we all are measured pound for pound
Our presence will go down in history.
So sing lullabies for the quarantined
And breathe slow and deep for the unconvened.

Even as the sun sets and the sky darkens
I hope you have enough to be grateful.
May your light shine until the law harkens
Us back together — a time less fateful.
May your heart be full of hope this springtime
Like tree bud blossoms expectant to climb.

©Michael Vitaly Sazonov 2020


Theatre Maker. Teaching Artist. Student of Life. Poet from way back.