I believe in shining a light upon stories that don’t often get told or are sometimes misunderstood.  There is power in storytelling, perhaps because of its long history within the human spectrum, or because ever since our birth it’s how we’ve tried to make sense of all the myriad of things that we encounter in the world.  As a theatre maker I seek to combine my love of words, music & movement to tell a story where each of those communicative art forms can take the reins of the storytelling while fully & harmoniously changing the way we may see things and crossing thresholds of understanding.

I was born in Washington, D.C. and I live in New York, I continue to conceive, direct, or perform in a developing series called Notes From the Underground, a multidisciplinary exploration of loving & longing in times of war & peace.  Recently I produced a soldier’s tale, examining what it is to train, fight & return.

Taking the time to experience someone else’s story can change how we view the world, and how we feel about a stranger we have yet to meet, connecting and grounding us all.  I am an eternal student, always curious for more adventure.  I’m a graduate of American University’s School of International Service with a concentration on Peace & Conflict Resolution and a minor in Theater.