Notes from the Underground I: Maria Katyusha

Maria Katyusha, part one Notes From the Underground


longing and loving in times of war and peace

Everyday New York offers us people, images, and moments that breeze right by, but also moments that break into our understanding and settle into our hearts. “Maria Katyusha” is a multidisciplinary exploration on how war affects lives and the internal struggles that make love a battlefield every day.


Notes from the Underground. Part One.

When a Soldier leaves loved ones behind to go off and fight, feelings of love, longing, and hope connects them to one another’s hearts where love keeps burning, like those “home fires” kept alight. Could these feelings reverberate in civilian society when someone is left behind in the wake of life circumstances, divorce, sickness or death?

In this concert piece, music drives a story that takes us from the trenches to first dates and lullabies in between. Interwoven with dance and movement, with splices of English, Russian and Spanish poetry, this piece crosses the threshold of language and storytelling to shed light on the fires within us all.

Art will be shown as an introductory reception to the piece.

Presented by

Joria Productions
260 W 36th St
3rd floor

16 OCT 2012
17 OCT 2012

8 pm







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