Notes from the Underground II: In My Shoes

Notes From The Underground; In My Shoes


What is war? What happens to those who fight? What happens to their bodies? And to their hearts? And for those that do, what happens when they return?

Join us as we explore love, death & politics in the shoes of a US Marine, in an open, honest, explicit multidisciplinary collaboration illustrating what it is to train, fight & return.

This first person documentary style production uses movement, dance, music, touch, taste & smell to guide you through what is a unique collaboration between a US Marine, Michael Vitaly Sazonov & Jane Gauntlett253402_2125652667909_6778880_n


Trailer One

Trailer Two

Our November 11th and 12th (Veterans Day 2013) presentation
at Joria Productions
260 W 36th Street
Third Floor

featured the artistry of:
Pasqualino Beltempo
Rachel Hundert
Alaina Mills
Michael Vitaly Sazonov

in collaboration with Jane Gauntlett of Sumblime &Ridiculous,
with Choreography by Megan Harold & Pasqualino Beltempo,
and Music Direction by Chris Alexander with Zack Bruce and Jeff Picker of The Birdhive Boys

notes iii




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