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Four days away

Four days away
and you’re out of the way –
Longing to get rid of you
for April is my girl –
When first She kissed me
under lilac blossoms
and sliver crescent moon.
And all the world did fade away.


Four days away
and how did you begin?
March many-weathers?
That I do remember,
And budding blossoms now
vibrating, fuzzy with anticipation,
fighting against some wicked wind
brittle cold and broad.


Four days away
And I’ll never forget
the March I had before Her,
when I didn’t know any better
and I didn’t know Her that way.
How fog did settle
like ashes on my heart…
Thank you for the wind.


Four days away
Four days indeed.
Trying to distinguish
Want, Love, and Need.
The time I had before Her
The time I had without,
Oh, March of awful gladness,
make me march to find this out.



Theatre Maker. Teaching Artist. Student of Life. Poet from way back.

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