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Free Write

hello from the night time once again.
across the seas of night so thick
and stars so hot to pierce the blackness.
cut me open and pour me out,
on the canvas with stars for hooks
and let my insides rise and shout
and call to death and life for thee.
“hello from the night time once again my once and future true best friend”
for it is in life that we forget
the coming call of bets to collect.
and it is in death that we refuse
to do anything of what it dare choose.
For it chooses you and calls your name
you know it most as the deep dark pain,
the something calling from the start
long ago and far away
the time and judgment
that did not stay.
It did enliven
your games as kids
fake guns and swords
or just fake sand
playing on the beach
in just your living room.What is it to truly live?
To live without the thought of pain
To give with only love to blame.
To listen to the earth
when it calls your name
and the animals and trees
and the blades of little grass.
The skies so massive
The clouds like mountains
and mountains capped
like jagged teeth
of a snoring monster.Up from the depths
of your imagination
life does create
a marvelous thing.And when do we go there?
To that place called imagination?
in times of need
in times of stress
in times of leisure
when life seems best?
And when do we
think on death?
At night, in darkness
in the call of unknown.
“Wish I could climb
up the rungs of a ladder
for days — wouldn’t mind —
just so’s I could see into the future.”
Death at night the fall of day
How else should we proclaim it say!
Death during sunny beautiful afternoons?
And why not?  I’m sure it’s happened once at least.
But why then should we worry
where or when.
On what then should we think?
On the inbetween.
Gray sheets and bedfellows so new.
Living for loving’s sake and giving for life’s sake.
This world has already given me so much.
I am already so lucky..
I must give back.
For if you give.
The world will be open to you.
If you share
the sun will shine.
And you will shine too.
— free write


Theatre Maker. Teaching Artist. Student of Life. Poet from way back.

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